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Our Greenville boudoir photographers session is the ultimate experience for any woman who wants to have professional images that capture her beauty in a fun, classy and sexy way. Our Greenville boudoir photographers will create amazing pictures to empower you that you will cherish forever.

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Our boudoir photography session is the ultimate experience for any woman who wants to have professional images that capture her beauty in a fun, classy and sexy way.

Elegant Boudoir Photography is an amazing photography experience to make you look and feel beautiful and sexy.

Best Boudoir Photographers in Greenville

As the top boudoir photographers in Greenville, SC and the Upstate we strive to make every woman feel special and help her find her unique beauty. Our goal at Elegant Boudoir Photography is more than make you look beautiful it’s to make you feel beautiful. We want you to release that inner diva in your sexy photography sessions and embrace what it means to be shamelessly feminine.

So, who’s ready to have fun and look incredible while doing it? Let’s do this. Whether you are wanting a sassy lingerie photography session or sensual glamour photography we are the boudoir photographers for you. It’s about looking good, having fun and celebrating what it means to be a woman. Our boudoir sessions are custom made for you. We offer professional photography and editing. Yes, that means we can remove that zit, scar or most things you might be self-conscious about, but we try to do the bare minimum because you are beautiful the way you are and that’s what boudoir photography is all about. You’re a real amazing woman and perfect just the way you are. Also, we offer professional hair and makeup. Our hair and makeup specialist have experience with boudoir photography, lighting and different skin tones.

We strive to be the best Greenville boudoir photographers in the Upstate. We know the only way to do that is offer the best service and experience. We think it’s important you get to know your photographer before your boudoir session. That way you get to know who we are and what to expect. We always want you to feel comfortable, communicate and questions or concerns so we can make you experience the very best it can be.

Boudoir Photography Pricing

We are not cheap boudoir photographers. We provide a high-quality experience and professional services. Our products are meant to last. We do our best to make your experience easy and fun. See our boudoir pricing guide for more details.

Whether it’s an anniversary gift for him, Valentine’s Day gift for your husband, present for your husband-to-be, or a cherished treasure of your amazing experience our custom designed boudoir albums and prints make perfect gifts. All our products are picked for their quality and uniqueness. They are cherished keepsakes that are meant to capture memories that will bring you joy and fun for a lifetime. If you want to find out more about our products check out our boudoir pricing guide for more details.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Now for our brides we offer amazing bridal boudoir photography sessions that will create beautiful images to present to your hubby-to-be that will leave him speechless. Present your gorgeous images in one or our amazing custom designed boudoir albums or one of our boudoir gift set and prints. Both will make the perfect gift for him. We also have many other products to choose from.

Where do you want to do your boudoir photography session at? Most clients have a unique theme and location they would like. Some of the most common themes are natural, new bride, sports, office, hunting, cops and firefighter. Almost all of them include sexy lingerie and you don’t have to pick just one. As for location it’s best to talk to your boudoir photographer to pick a great location. We do have a studio, but found our boudoir sessions in homes, hotels and even in the beautiful outdoors offer a better experience, more comfortable and bring more realism to the session.

Though, we are boudoir photographers in Greenville, South Carolina we do travel out of state and abroad so feel free to call for a consultation or book us to travel to you. We love traveling and meeting new people and places.

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