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Things to know about Boudoir Photography

A detailed look at preparing for your boudoir session

Meet Your Boudoir Photographer:

We want this to be an excited and fun experience for you. Be sure one of the first things you do is make an appointment to speak with your Boudoir Photographer. They can help guide you through all the steps and answer any questions you may have. They are here for you. Now you decided to do a boudoir photography session and you picked Elegant Boudoir Photography as your professional boudoir photographer, now what?

Boudoir Photography Theme:

You need to choose a theme. A theme can be anything from lacy lingerie, business sexy, girl-next-door, school girl sexy, country girl sexy, favorite sports, cheerleader to 50 shade of gray, etc. You can be imaginative as you want. Whatever excites you, your loved one and suits your personality will work perfect. Just keep it simple yet creative. It can be anything from edgy, sensual, sexy and adventurous. You don’t have to choose one. Pick several if you like. It’s all about you.


Body Size and Look:

Leave your insecurities at the door. Every woman thinks she has a problem area with her body that she is self-conscious about. Your boudoir photographer is trained to hide the areas you are least fond of and highlight your best features with poses and lighting. In Photoshop, they can remove any thing like stretch marks, scars, Cellulite, blemishes or anything else you are not fond of. Don’t be shy. Just remember this is a normal work day for your boudoir photographer and they have seen it all before. They are here to make you look like the incredible sexy lady you know you are. I hear many clients say they need to lose weight before their session. Honestly, you don’t need to lose weight. Again, with proper posing and techniques we can hide or Photoshop any problem areas out. So rather than spending time on a diet that may or may not work or blowing money on a gym membership go out and pick you out some fun flirty outfits. Being nervous is completely normal. Most people aren’t in front of a camera in undies or less and we understand. We work very hard to make you comfortable. Let us know if you would like a glass of wine or champagne along with some music to help relax and celebrate the event. The photographer is there to help you relax and ease into your sexier side.


Boudoir Poses:

After hair, makeup and changing into your outfit we’ll start your boudoir session with some easy poses that we will walk you through. This will help you relax and gain confidence. As your boudoir session progresses we’ll do more extravagant poses. You’ll be surprised how easy it is with our expert guidance. You can be as tame or bold as you wish. You’ll never be asked to pose beyond what you say you are comfortable with. Many people decide to be bolder than they expected and that’s fine. After just a few minutes we can pretty much guarantee that any anxiety will be gone as you get into the session.






Outfits for Your Boudoir Session:

So, what should you wear? We encourage you to bring outfits and props of your own that reflects your character and theme. We do have a few outfits and many props. We wash all worn clothing and props used after each and every photo shoot. This is because girls are messy. It isn’t always easy to get makeup smears and stains on an outfit. Bring outfits that make you feel sexy, comfortable and beautiful, outfits your love one would like to see you in or out of. Make sure your outfits are fitted to accentuate your curves. Be careful of wearing to tight of clothing that would leave red marks on your skin. What you wear to your boudoir session is completely up to you. A lot of ladies will go with lingerie, but a simple man’s sports jersey looks great. Some of the loveliest photos are done with nothing more than draping and wrapping with fabric. Bring complete outfits as well: Dress, Pants, Jeans, Shirt, etc. This way we can slowly remove clothing so when they get to view the photos or album it acts as a tease. It’s a good way to drive them crazy!



Before Your Boudoir Session:

If you think you need a tan, think again. It is not a good idea. The natural sun dries your skin making you look older than you are and leaving tan lines. A healthy glow is all you really need. If you must sunbath give yourself 5 days before your session of not tanning to allow your skin time to recover. One week prior to your session you need to increase your water intake. Well hydrated skin photographs beautifully and, has a healthy glow. Unless you like all natural, we recommend shaving or waxing your legs and all private areas a little bit before your session. The length of time it would take to prevent you from having razor burn or a rash before your session would depend on the sensitivity of your skin.

We want our ladies to feel as beautiful, and sexy as possible. Ladies who feel sexy will behave sexier. Though, if there is any problem, like acne, we can always Photoshop it. Sometime nothing can make you feel more relaxed and beautiful than a mani and pedi. Your nails can make or break a boudoir photography session. Your nails are most important. The Classic French manicure and pedicure are best for overall photographs, but bring nail polish to add with other outfits if you desire. When setting your appointment be mindful of your menstrual time. It’s best to schedule your appointment a couple of days after your menstrual cycle ends. This will also reduce the chance of bloating. Include tampons in your items to bring just in case.

Some ideas of outfits:

Different types of panties, thongs, boy short cuts, etc. Some suggested colors are black, white and nude. Other colors are great as well. When wearing undies, you want to make sure you always have matching bras when paired with panties. Printed panties are good as well and can be quite fun. Pushup bras can give you a little extra boost when lying down or to accentuate the girls. If you need, bring sock for padding. Corsets, Teddies, garter and anything lacy is great. Bring your stockings, panty hose, fish nets and knee highs to go with them. Bring your High Heels ladies. Some suggested colors are black, white and nude. Red is great to especial with a matching red lipstick. Uniforms and gear are great; firefighter gear, law enforcement, military, your loved ones work uniform, sports jersey, man’s dress shirt, vest, tie, T-shirt, suit or tux jacket, cowboy boots and hat, hunting apparel, tools of his trade or tool belt, bustier and tank tops are some ideas. Having a robe might make you a little more comfortable at first. It can be worn in between poses, outfit changes and if you get a little chilly. A note for my brides, BRING WHITE! Bring your wedding dress and veil as well. Don’t forget your heels, garter and any special undies.

Accessories and Props:

Having jewelry, accessories and props are great and often make your boudoir session more personal and fun. Add jewelry, brooches or rosettes to your lingerie to give it your personal touch. However, some jeweler does not photograph well. Pearl necklace, especially long ones are great to use during a session. Great accessories are like: a lace scarf that can be turned into a mini skirt, blindfold, lace gloves and sunglasses. Props are great and can range from footballs and teddy bears, vintage phone to handcuffs and whips. Props should have a connection to you or your loved one. They should be representative of the theme and sex symbol you know you are. If you want to bring firearms or any type of weapons call ahead of time to make arrangements. Your photographer and/or the company they work for will take no responsibility for anything you bring. You have to watch after everything you bring. 

Where to Buy:

Before rushing off to buy lingerie you need to decide what look you’re going for, whether it is sexy, playful, school, pinup, etc. Remember your theme when purchasing your outfits and props. A good place to start is to go online and see what you like. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time for your online order to arrive and to be returned in case it doesn’t fit as you like. Some local places around the Greenville, Easley and Pickens area you might like to try are: Victoria’s Secrets, Aerie, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Pandora’s Box, Ross’, Lucy’s Love Shop, Soma Intimates. Some online stores:

Hair and Makeup:

After meeting with your boudoir photographer your experience starts with your professional make-up. (This is optional) Hair and makeup are very important and we always suggest you have a professional do it for you. Someone that is familiar with applying it for a photography session. Photography makeup tends to be a little on the heavier side than what you would normally apply for every day. When used, the flash takes away a bit of the heaviness and creates a softer sensual look. While Boudoir photography can be edgy and glamorous it is normally shot to give you a soft and sensual look to your skin. Bring pictures of what you like to show your hair and makeup artist. Ladies prefer many different looks when choosing their makeup., anything from more natural, pin-up, Smokey eyes, to camouflage. Also consider fake lashes so they show up better and really make your eyes pop. You have a choice for us to provide you with a hair and makeup artist or have your own, but we suggest you have one at your photography session to apply touch up during the shoot if needed. Also, we suggest having a hair and makeup artist that is used to working with photographers.

Boudoir Session’s Location:

Boudoir photography can be done wherever you would like. We’ve done shoots in client’s homes, hotel rooms, warehouses, offices as well as outdoors. Hotel rooms are great. They’re guaranteed to be clean, bathroom to prepare in, and if you get a high floor with a city skyline it can make a beautiful backdrop. Remember the booking needs to be done early for a hotel. The location choice is completely up to you, though it must be legal.

Things to Remember:

Prepare, physically, for your session. During your session, you will be in many different poses that your body may not be used too and you may actually be sore the day after your shoot so be sure to drink lots of water before and after your session. Morning of your session, have a light breakfast to avoid being bloated. As mentioned above, avoid wearing tight fitting clothes or if possible avoid wearing a bra on your way to the session as it leaves elastic pressure lines on your skin. Make sure to try on your lingerie a couple of days before the session to make sure it fits properly. Also, make sure your bra straps are not too tight. Get a good night’s rest. Being nervous and excited the day before is expected, but there’s nothing to worry about. Your boudoir photographer will make sure your session is fun memorable. You will leave feeling confident and totally empowered. Good hygiene is a must. Get a shower or relaxing bath, brush your teeth, mouth wash or even whiten your teeth to show off that beautiful smile, wear clear deodorant that will not rub off on your clothes, moisturize your hair and skin and wear no perfumes or scented lotions. Make sure you eat a healthy meal, but nothing too heavy. Some photo sessions can last 2 to 4 hours. You will need your energy up to look your sexiest. You may want to bring a little energy snack while in between sessions. Pack a bag of the outfits that you plan to bring to your boudoir session the day before. Then double check that you have everything. Pack your jewelry, heels, accessories and props you want to bring. Be sure to bring the clothing or props of your loved one’s favorite hobbies or work. Don’t forget nail polish and nail polish remover, safety pins, double sided tape and all the little things you need. Find your inspiration. Nothing looks sexier than a confident woman. Motivate yourself before your boudoir session. Think lovely things about yourself and then look in the mirror and tell yourself those things. Believe it because you are sexy, gorgeous and beautiful. Use this time to rehearse your sexy poses in the mirror. This well help build muscle memory for when you are in front of your boudoir photographer. If you have any pose ideas, try them. Leave early so you can arrive early. This will give you enough time to relax before your boudoir session starts. Being rushed is counterproductive to a relaxing environment. We want you to leave your worries at the door. Be prepared to spend a few of hours at your session.


So, we have captured all these beautiful sexy photos, now what? We can create a glamorous album or a gift box of pictures that you can gift your fiancé on your wedding day or share with your loved one. Pick out your favorites and we are more than happy to help you get prints and frame them. Your boudoir photographer would be happy to help you with ideas if you need them. We want to create a fun and exciting experience for you, capture your sensual, sexy, elegant and edgy side. Just let us know if we can help in any way. This is ALL ABOUT YOU. 

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