Does Size Matter?

Ladies, we all know size does matter, or do we?

Now let me clarify the topic before our minds start wondering to other places. I’m talking bra size. Before we started talking to our boudoir clients about having the proper size bra, we were having a few ladies come in with bras that were to tight or the wrong size. This causes several issues when trying to look your best.

When your bra is not properly sized it will not give you the support you need. If it’s to big/loose it can cause your breast to get lost in your bra during pictures or easily fall out in poses when you are leaning over. If your bra is to small/tight it will cause worse problems for pictures. It can make your breast look disproportionate and create rolls where there would normally not be rolls. When you change outfits, if the next bra does not cover where the bra that was to tight was, you will be able to see red marks on your skin from the previous bra.

So, how do we fix this? It’s easy. First you need to get sized for a bra that fits you properly. You can do this free at stores like Victoria’s Secrets, Lane Bryant, Soma and many other stores. Note, that even with a bra that have the correct cup size you may still need to buy some “bra clasp extenders”. These will allow you to lengthen your strap so it’s not cutting into you. You can find these in all shapes, sizes and colors. The most common colors being black, white and neutral, Though, they come in every color imaginable. Most lingerie stores will have them, you can find them on Amazon as well.

The proper sized bra can help alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain. Remember, keeping the girls happy can make you look and feel beautiful.

By Selena – Elegant Boudoir Photography

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